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02-13-11, 04:37 PM
Hello all,
After reading some about troubles with drivers with the 400series at this forum i decide to share my story and hope that i can help someone with it.

I was the proud owner of a 460 GTX SE 1GB from msi. Yes, was. I RMA -ed it because it wasnt working.
Drivers who crashed, bsod, black screens, freezers, lock ups in safe mode, BIOS what got messed up . Tried every driver , bios, clean win7 installs etc. Tried also different hardware settings and only with the 460 card in the setting i had problems.

Then i found this article on the nvidia forums (link below) There are many with these problems and when they tried to RMA it they said card is ok.
Long story short, the 400series is very very picky with motherboards. It gives random the most different errors and fixingthose doesnt help. With this information i rma my 460gtx and told them it worked perfect but not in my system. Luckily the guys in the shop were very nice and gave me a refund.

THis is the forum post: http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=187401&st=0
Its 52 pages at the moment so you arent alone :)