View Full Version : FS: Gainward GF2 Ti550 XP vivo 64MB DDR

08-05-03, 07:54 AM
I finally upgraded so I need to finf a good home for this or keep it.
It is a Golden Sample retail GF2 Ultra version. It is called a Ti550 XP but it is as fast or faster than the GF2 Ultra.

It wasused mostly to surf since I quit playing games for a long time. I never overclocked it but it has 4.0NS memory. If you know what that translates to then you are smarter than me. I never took the chance to overclock it. great card. Don't really need toupgrade but I did anyway.

$40 shipped OBO ??? don't really know what it's worth.

Mike Z

I have EBay refs

08-05-03, 08:06 AM
Check your private messages. :)

08-06-03, 07:29 AM