View Full Version : Men Of War: Assault Squad Demo available

02-17-11, 08:34 PM

Strategy fans may feel a bit disappointed, given the fact that most news these days are about other genres like FPS and RPGs. Relax guys as we have some good news for you. 1C Company has just released the demo of its new strategy game, Men Of War: Assault Squad. Assault Squad is a stand-alone expansion pack from Digitalmindsoft that focuses more on the infantry part of the game and adds 15 new missions.

The demo features a level set in the Pacific Theatre and if you beat it, you will unlock a skirmish level based in the European Theatre. Its size is almost 1GB and you can download the demo from its official page (http://www.1cfiles.com/MenofWarAS_Demo/MoWAS_SPDemo.zip).