View Full Version : Raptor raid x3

02-23-11, 08:31 AM
hey just a general inquirey..i have put 3 raptors in a raid , all 36 GB, just for my OS, they seem to be working ok but my windows expo score stays the same at 5.9, i was expecting it to shoot up to 7 at least,anyone know why or should it etc etc, any advice would be nice, this is my first raid so still learning ..cheers lads

02-23-11, 11:50 AM
First, your windows experience score is the lowest of all your scores, so, which one of your scores is the lowest?
If this is not storage, it will not rise either way.
What is your storage score?

Which RAId level did you use? For speed, you would want RAID0, but remember: this may increase speed, but this also increases chances of failure as any drive failing will take the whole array out, losing ALL data. I hope you plan to backup regularly or to consider this partition expandable.

Remember, HDDs fail. This is not an "IF", this is a "WHEN".

02-23-11, 04:25 PM
and the raptors 5.9, why would a raptor running at 10,000 rpm be the same score as a bog standard drive 7,200 rpm tho, so basically the only way of going higher than 5.9 is SSD? is this correct or would that be the same also, i also know i am taking a risk with failure but i really want that score to go up lol, i am using raid 0, seems strange that you can raid when
1/ i really cant tell much difference and
2/ the windows expo score is laughing at me