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08-05-03, 06:02 PM
Sorry mods if this forum is for selling PC hardware only, if so plz delete this thread.

(copy and paste from another forsale ad i have of the same product)

I am selling my JM150 with J8 footcontroller for $500. The amp models all the classic and newer style amps over the past 40+ years. Can power two 4x12 cabs if you disconnect the two included inside. I listed the amp in "good" condition mainly because of a small tear in grill cloth(1" x 1") and the page knob is missing(the pole is still there and can be just as easily used as if the knob piece itself was there). Other than that the amp is great shape and sounds wonderfull. I wont go further into details on the amp because if your reading this then you probably know alot about them already.

THe amp itself: http://www.johnson-amp.com/jm150.htm
The J8 pedalboard: http://www.johnson-amp.com/foot.htm
Reviews: http://www.harmony-central.com/Guitar/Data/Johnson_Amplification/JM150_Millennium-01.html

I am really firm on the price since the J8 is included.

08-05-03, 10:15 PM
Wouldnt happen to be selling any effect pedals?

08-06-03, 04:33 AM
this amp has around 200 different effects