View Full Version : PhysX based simulation system in Autodesk XBR will be called MassFX

02-25-11, 02:30 PM
We already mentioned plans of Autodesk (http://physxinfo.com/news/4870/autodesk-webinar-reveals-plans-on-physx-sdk-integration-into-xbr/) to replace Reactor (using Havok) physics engine in next versions of 3ds Max with a new and probably better one, based on PhysX SDK.

Recently released ‚??sneak peak‚?? video gives us a short glimpse on this simulation system, and reveals its name ‚?? MassFX.

As you may notice, MassFX resembles general design of standart PhysX plug-in from NVIDIA (http://physxinfo.com/news/1205/physx-dcc-plug-in-2-01-for-3ds-max-now-available/), but also includes some long-anticipated features, like substeps control, for example.


However, certain details are raising more questions ‚?? fracture tool, build into MassFX creates concave fragments, while PhysX simulation uses convex approximation (that‚??s why cylinder literally explodes after simulation start). Where is convex decomposition feature, or does fracture tool supports PhysX friendly Voronoi fragmentation is currently unknown.

We hope that upcoming GDC 2011 event will reveal some more information on this topic.

More... (http://physxinfo.com/news/4882/physx-based-simulation-system-in-autodesk-xbr-will-be-called-massfx/)