View Full Version : GTX 480

02-26-11, 11:26 PM
Hi how can i do flash to the bios of gtx 480 my friend have one card work fine just in safe mode without instaling driver ana i have another card work fine i wanna to copy the data from the flash to another flash mean copy the data from the bios of the card work good and update the bios to another card plz if any one know how can i do this plz help me the two card are ZOTAC GTX480.

03-15-11, 04:16 PM
It should'nt need to be flashed to work .sounds like there may be something else wrong if the GTX 480 want work with a driver.I use GPU-Z to save or copy the bios and nvflash to flash it ,just google nvflash.But if it is flash wrong you could a expensive papper weight.

03-15-11, 04:37 PM
Unless flashing is covered under the warranty of the card, don't attempt it. RMA the sucker before you brick it.