View Full Version : Sparkle ONE GTS 450 1GB OC Single Slot Review

03-01-11, 12:10 PM
As the GTS 450 series has matured, board partners have come out with some unique products. *Sparkle has headlined their lineup with a single slot and overclocked card that hopes to strike a cord with HTPC users who are looking for more performance than integrated solutions can offer.

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03-01-11, 12:35 PM
So now we have a low-profile version AND a single-slot version available. I expect that the GTS 550 will get the same treatment, albeit it will be released on-time, it will be more competitive, and might actually do a lot more to further the causes of SFF/HTPC gaming. ... I mean, heck, as it stands right now the GTS 450 even at stock speeds is a great basis for a 1280x720 --> 1680x1050 gaming setup, so the 550 ought to bring things up a notch or so, and likely perform like a GTX 460.