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03-04-11, 04:00 PM
I have a full xml drive backup (made with DriveImage XML) of a computer that had windows XP Professional SP3 on it but was not booting due to some hardware error or something. Every time it booted up it gave a STOP error with IRQL_LESS_equal****INeverWork

I have since then restored the xml to a new hard drive (Drive D: on my computer) and it contains all the files of the original hard drive.

I have windows 7 professional on drive C:\ (which I am posting from now) and I have an inactive windows XP on drive D:\ which doesn't show up on my boot options.

What must I do to activate that windows XP installation so I can pop in the CD and use the windows XP repair option to replace the files with originals?
Whenever I pop in the CD, it doesn't see the XP installation because it doesn't know it's there. How do I fix this?

My ultimate goal is to repair the XP OS, send the hard drive back to the computer and have them plug it in, use the repair option ONE MORE TIME to recognize the new hardware and boot up and have their old files back. Is my venture fruitless or is my idea correct?

Edit: I tried easyBCD to try and add the xp to the windows 7 boot thingie.
Entry #2
Name: Microsoft Windows XP
BCD ID: {d6c3df23-1fc8-11e0-a137-90a5f4848c60}
Drive: D:\
Bootloader Path: \NST\ntldr
but where the heck does it get \NST\ntdlr from? That's folder is nowhere to be found on my D:\. Plus it doesn't boot citing a missing ntdlr...

Edit 2: here's what the D:\ looks like
http://i.imgur.com/jH9B8.jpg (http://imgur.com/jH9B8)

03-04-11, 04:50 PM
You want to remove your hard drive which has Windows 7 from the pc before you attempt to do anything with the windows XP install. What would likely happen is xp will install the ntldr files onto your windows 7 drive and simply break your W7 install.

If you put in an XP cd and don't get the option to repair the install, but xp can see the hdd, that means you're using the wrong disc. It has to be the same disc that was used to install the OS with. There are suttle differences that seem to conflict and don't work.

On windows XP ntldr will always be located on the root of the hdd. It's probably there if the install was at least blue screening before because that means it attempted to boot windows.

04-08-11, 08:15 AM

It's very easy don't make it complicated get the windows xp CD and repair the xp operating system, before repairing make sure that d: drive is set as the default else you may loose the win 7 data in the c: drive.