View Full Version : Older games you have just discovered/bought.

03-12-11, 10:55 AM
Ive just bought two games from steam that have been out for a while ... Upon playing them i have though "Damn i cant believe i didnt buy this on release".

Have you ever done/thought this?

My games so far are:

Penumbra: Overture.

Penumbra: Requiem.(an expansion pack for the above game)

Penumbra: Black Plague.

Mirror's Edge.

I must say out of all the above Mirror's Edge is my favorite ... Even though its a couple of years old now the graphics are still some of the best ive seen even for today's standards.

The game play is something different from the ordinary & im really enjoying it so far ...

03-12-11, 12:45 PM
Well, just beat Return to Castle Wolfenstein the other day, hadn't played it before though I'd bought it a long time ago with some deal Steam had. Now I'm playing through Deus Ex for the first time and am really enjoying it. :)

03-12-11, 01:09 PM
Mirror's Edge was a cool game. Different than anything else out there.

03-13-11, 04:10 AM
I always wanted to play Deus Ex but never got ointo it.
Also I always wanted to play Vampire the Masquarade: Bloodlines...

Ohhh RtCW was great. It was so damn scary :O

03-13-11, 08:26 AM
recently bought and play:
- Red Alert 3
- Red Alert 3 Uprising
- Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars
- Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath

good old CnC awakens old memories :)))

03-13-11, 02:34 PM
where is II?

Non-existent, and given DICE's current project set, it looks like it's gonna be in the design drawer for much more time (if it's ever gonna make a return, that's it).

03-13-11, 03:07 PM
Yea sales weren't very good unfortunately and tons of people complained about the combat. I don't know anyone that didn't like the game so hopefully the audience has grown since. Dark Messiah Might and Magic was an older game I played and thought has the best hand to hand combat mechanics around. I'm sure it still looks good too.

03-13-11, 03:55 PM
EA Confirms Mirror's Edge 2 Development (http://uk.pc.ign.com/articles/994/994274p1.html)

03-13-11, 04:49 PM
Just been cleaning out my computer desk drawers and found Psychonaughts.

Great 3D platformer.

03-13-11, 04:57 PM
Just been cleaning out my computer desk drawers and found Psychonaughts.

Great 3D platformer.

Cool game, http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/2-Psychonauts

03-13-11, 07:45 PM
I just opened my EA Downloader and found Dragon Age II... ::bleh::

Seriously though, I've got the Tex Murphy games from GoG, and I've really been meaning to play them. When I was younger I remember reading about them in the imported UK gaming mags. Wishing I could get them, but big PC games cost 100-200AUD at the time and I was only a young Alpo.

03-13-11, 08:05 PM
I freaking love Psychonauts. The controls and gameplay - maybe average or poor. But the characters, story, and art are just fantastic. This goes to prove that good art direction matters more than OMG SHADESR.

03-13-11, 10:44 PM
Don't say that here Q. No, wait. Crysis sucks now. You can say that.

03-14-11, 05:58 AM
not just discovered but playing again is=

Zork nemesis again now GoG.com has it at last (though its the DOS version not the enhance windows version) loved the game when i had it on release in 1996. and its still very atmospheric

03-14-11, 02:31 PM
I've just finished the Wither, a bit ahead of the release of the 2nd game. Great action/RPG, a lot less black and white than most. You make choices and face the consequences later. No right choice, just yours.

I played Batman AA during xmas time and loved it. Great action game on PC. Best game of 2009 according to some.

To those that have not yet played Vampire, do so. Get the community pack and patch it good and enjoy the best Action RPG ever. Graphics are still fine and story is just wonderful. This is the only game that once I finished it, the first thing I did was restart it with a different clan. Just that good.

I stocked up on games during the xmas sales, so I still have plenty to discover. Probably will go through BioShock2 soon.

03-15-11, 03:55 PM
an old game I recently bought is Snare for my c64 Thalamus collection which is almost complete apart from Heatseeker.

also Blade Force for 3DO

03-20-11, 12:41 PM
CyberMage, bought yesterday.

DOS games always have pristine disks as they were only ever used once.