View Full Version : Missing sounds in Elite Force 2... :(

08-07-03, 02:18 AM
I'm experiencing missing sounds in Elite Force 2... anybody experiencing the same thing?

I just realized it after the first mission when The Borg ship destroyed, there is absolutely no sound effects when the cutscene playing... and no music in the game at all...

There is a very quiet sound when I shot the I-Mod, At first I thought that's the way I-Mod sound :p but now I realized I'm missing most of the sounds in the game... Speech is there, some sound effects is there (most of it doesn't and no music :( ) What could have gone wrong? In the console, it does say couldn't find bla bla bla.mp3, and it's more than one line saying it...

I re-installed the game but still doesn't fix the problem... and I have Audigy 2 btw...

Anybody can help me with this?

08-07-03, 03:02 AM
Man thats wierd.

Uhm, I have to ask this, but is the game retail (legal) or downloaded?

Otherwise, I dont know. Try lowering sound acceleration in Start\Settings\Control Panel\Sounds and Audio: Volume tab: Speaker Settings: click advanced: go to performance tab and lower acceleration down a notch. If this doesnt work, try the next notch down. If this doesnt work, you can try the lowest setting, but this usually makes the sounds lag behind or have errors, so its not a real solution.

I dont know why this would happen, tho. Ive got the game and dont have any missing file errors (I dont think... maybe there are in some levels, I dont know). Although I have seen other wierd errors. Such as, "skybox being rendered when it shouldnt! BAD!"...it just repeats and repeats... only happens in some ereas of the enterprise (specificly, the small room next to the launch decks), and it makes my framerate drop to around 20fps from 50...When the door to that room closes (regardless of whether im looking at it or not) the error stops and the framerate returns to normal.

Maybe the game just has wierd bugs like this and your .mp3 file thing... its hard to say.

08-07-03, 03:19 AM
My friend burn the game for me... I don't know whether if he bought it or pirated... I'll have to ask him...

It just comes to my mind, an mp3 codec might be the problem, could it be? I got an mp3 codec installed on my system, I got the same problem with NOLF2 with this codec installed... It just comes to my mind just now, Try to uninstalled the codec after this...