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03-15-11, 12:10 PM
Today we are happy to announce an updated version of our 3D Vision wireless glasses kit (http://www.nvidia.com/object/3D-Vision-etailers.html) for a new low price of $149 (US), $50 less than the original price.¬* Plus, the glasses provide 50 percent longer battery life from a single charge, 60 hours compared with 40 hours before, giving you even more time of uninterrupted 3D entertainment.

With over 1,000 products in the 3D Vision ecosystem (javascript:void(0);), including notebook and desktop PCs, displays, TVs, projectors, GPUs, video applications, cameras and games, 3D Vision lets you experience the best quality 3D in many different ways on your PC. ¬*In addition, we‚??re also lowering our price of extra wireless glasses for only $119, so that it‚??s easier to share the 3D experience with your friends.

It‚??s never been better to be a 3D Vision owner, with new 3D games available such as Bulletstorm (http://www.geforce.com/#/GamesandApps/games/bulletstorm/overview) and Crysis 2 (http://www.geforce.com/#/GamesandApps/games/crysis-2/overview).¬* If you haven‚??t done it yet, download the Crysis 2 multiplayer demo (http://www.geforce.com/#/GamesandApps/games/crysis-2/downloads) from GeForce.com (http://www.geforce.com/) and experience one of the most anticipated games in 2011 with 3D Vision. And, pair 3D Vision with the brand new GeForce GTX 550 Ti (http://www.geforce.com/#/Hardware/GPUs/geforce-gtx-550ti/overview) ‚?? also available today for $149 ‚?? and you have the perfect gaming upgrades for your PC.

Beyond gaming, 3D Vision is also adding new dimensions to your videos and photos. ¬*Visit 3DVisionLive.com (http://www.3dvisionlive.com/) where we‚??re hosting over 5,000 3D photos and videos available to stream via your PC.¬* You can even upload your own 3D photos and share them with friends, or the world.

If you‚??ve been waiting, now‚??s a great time to experience 3D Vision at the lowest price ever.

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