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08-07-03, 12:40 PM
The english demo of XIII is now available for download, allowing you to try out this upcoming cel-shaded FPS powered by the Unreal 2 technology. The demo offers two playable levels - the Beach and the Military base. XIII will be released in October 2003 on PC, PS2, Xbox and GameCube.

i saw this in pcgamer.. looks like a comic book, but yet its a first person shooter... anyone try it yet?


08-07-03, 01:51 PM
Wow. Don't miss this one. This is the best FPS I've played in quite a while. Doesn't even feel like an FPS it's so good. Totally sucks you in.

08-07-03, 03:46 PM
damn 56K will take forever to download. I have a cheap generic modem too, so I get stuck at the speed of 4.7. I'll just wait for my CGW CD.

08-07-03, 06:12 PM
DAMN!!! nice one! I hought it would come out too wierd and lame but I was wrong

08-07-03, 06:34 PM
Ummm... the idea was nice, and the look of it makes it feel like a console game, and different to other PC FPS. There's some nice little touches like the death animations and enemy views.

But after playing through the demo levels for a while, I don't think it's actually all that good a game. I got the feeling that behind the cell-shaded graphics there's not much more than a fairly average shooter game.

08-07-03, 07:03 PM
this is a great game, its probabaly the first demo that ive played that i knew i would be buying the game.

08-07-03, 10:07 PM
It's alright. The demo was just too short. :(

08-07-03, 10:07 PM
Eh, it seems decent, but Its not something I see myself buying. Feels like NOLF, which I never really got into. I guess HL2 has me spoiled... ever since watching the newest set of videos, I cant look at a normal FPS (just shoot shoot shoot) the same way. There isnt really anything new here gameplay wise, it just looks different than most games.

And it runs ok, but I expected a bit smoother for having graphics that werent supposed to be realistic. Also, I hope the full version has more options :)

08-07-03, 11:26 PM
**** me and my intel extreme graphics. i'll have to wait to play this one.

eh, nevermind; i got broadband, i'll see if it'll work.

08-08-03, 03:01 AM
so, so far it's a good game?

08-08-03, 07:03 AM
Heh, it runs pretty good on my lower end PC... very playable and smooth @ 10x7, 32bit, 2XAA/2XAF, tex sharpen on, all mipmaps etc set to highest quality... (vsync off).... 44.03's..

On a stock fsb XP1700/kt266a with 256mb PC2100 and a slightly OC'ed GF3 ti500...

1280x960 makes it choke a little... But I'll take what I got on that system... I'm satisfied, and may buy this game... I do like it a lot... it seems very well done.

08-08-03, 10:03 AM
I"m getting some horrible artifacting on my GF FX 5200 Ultra with 44.03 Dets. ANyone else get something similar?

I could post some pics if anyone's interested.

08-08-03, 12:15 PM
Originally posted by JonathanM
I"m getting some horrible artifacting on my GF FX 5200 Ultra with 44.03 Dets. ANyone else get something similar?

I could post some pics if anyone's interested.
Or at least tell us the problem :p
I noticed a screwed up model at one point. After releasing the guy from his cell, when you go out into the hallway full of guys, one of them is just a huge, stretched out bunch of polygons... I fired into the middle of it and then it sort of blobbed around a bit and turned into a dead body... LOL

I noticed a few flickery things here and there, but its probably from the OC on my video card.... Unreal Engine games always seem to be pretty sensitive to that stuff.

08-08-03, 01:26 PM
Here ya go...

Two screenshots showing the horrible mess...

Pic 1 (http://www.nvnews.net/images/news/200308/xiii_1.jpg)

Pic 2 (http://www.nvnews.net/images/news/200308/xiii_2.jpg)

08-08-03, 01:39 PM
Sweet demo, runs like a dream on my Ti4200.

08-08-03, 09:59 PM
XIII Rocks my face!!!!

Ever since I saw the teasers in XBOX Magazine I've been dying to see it in action. This is DEFINATLY a purchase!!!

I've always been in love with Cell Shaded graphics. FPS + Cell Shading = intercede007's wet dream :D

08-08-03, 11:59 PM
Originally posted by JonathanM
Here ya go...

Two screenshots showing the horrible mess...

Pic 1 (http://www.nvnews.net/images/news/200308/xiii_1.jpg)

Pic 2 (http://www.nvnews.net/images/news/200308/xiii_2.jpg)
Errmm.... thats wierd.

No terrain lighting and no textures, although everything else seems to be there.

Try different drivers. I recommend the 44.65 from www.guru3d.com .

Very strange problem tho...

08-09-03, 10:54 AM
This game is sweet and runs really good on my system. Cant wait for this.

08-09-03, 01:31 PM
Runs beatifully for me as well, very cool demo.

08-09-03, 10:08 PM
Demo runs great on my laptop at 1024x768, no AA or AF. Very smooth all the way around.

The mouse sensitivity settings don't stick, though which is really annoying. Question, though. When you start the beach level, the lifeguard is talking on the phone then she faces you and starts moving her heard. How do you bloody get past that part and start playing? I try all the controls, but nothing happens. The jail level works just fine, but I sat for a solid 2 minutes while this stupid lifeguard is just staring at me.

08-10-03, 12:19 AM
sounds like you got a problem.. she is supposed to hand you a key, and then get shot. hmmm.. try reinstalling or something

08-10-03, 04:16 AM
This demo was surprisingly fun. Perhaps because it was stylish. But after that novelty wares off, I'm not sure if it will be anything special.

Edit: The novelty has worn off. The game is still cool and stylish, but it's not for me. It appears to be totally linear, and I don't like repeating things until I get them near perfect. I fumble with the controls during very unforgiving firefights. Tip: Don't run out of ammo when you are under fire. Tip: Best way to attack enemy is to use the real life tactic of running at them head on emptying 1/4 clip into their face. I'm sure the crossbow provides a alternate, stealth approach, but it didn't seem effective where I was hitting them.

Edit2: Found lots more medi kits playing though again. Still don't really dig the game, but the comic story telling is quite unique. Allows for the 'mean while, around the corner' interactive plot progress. I think this will have more success on the consoles. The text sounds also bring back fond memories of the BatMan TV series.

08-11-03, 08:17 AM
i thought its a bit bad to play a cel-shaded fps after all the latest gen games ! but after i tried the demo i'm amazied! :cool:

08-11-03, 01:38 PM
after they fix the mouse sensitivity settings I'll give it another try, looked interesting but I can't play like that.

08-11-03, 02:07 PM
Originally posted by |JuiceZ|
after they fix the mouse sensitivity settings I'll give it another try, looked interesting but I can't play like that.
Ugh, yeah, that had me all hosed up in the military base level. No problems with the beach, but the second level just rotted. The graphics were pretty stylish, though. It reminded me a lot of "Outlaws" (one of those games I wish they'd update with a groovy new engine). I found the Tron 2.0 demo a little more enjoyable than this one. Hopefully they'll update the demo and fix some of the glitches...