View Full Version : 5900 and Battlefield 1942

08-07-03, 01:50 PM
I get stuttering in Bf1942 patched to current.. game hauls ass but will stutter every few seconds.. any ideas please list them..

system in sig but with an Albatron 5900pv..

08-07-03, 02:38 PM
what happens if you turn down the graphics?

08-07-03, 02:57 PM
I left Vsync on and only take it off when benching. I have it set to always on. That might help. :)



08-07-03, 10:25 PM
have you set the sound option to hardware acceleration? the game was slow to even unplayable @ some maps when i didnt set this option to hardware. hope this helps.

08-07-03, 10:37 PM
Drivers issue.

I have Radeon 9700Pro, and I run the game with max details AA 4x AF 16 and everything is smooth.

Use Vsync, and override refresh rate (set as your desktop). This might help a lot.

08-07-03, 11:58 PM
will give those Ideas a shot, I have played the game on my previous ti4600 and Radeon 9500np->9700 and didn't have any issues.. hopefully it's something simple..

Lukar it's a nice card no need to knock it..

08-08-03, 12:34 AM
Enable hardware sound (regardless of how crappy it sounds), disable Vsync, lower Overclocks....

Other than that, I dont know.

08-08-03, 12:54 AM
enabling Hardware sound did the trick.. thanks guys..