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03-23-11, 04:40 AM

sView is a free stereoscopic 3D video and photo player that supports most of the popular stereoscopic 3D formats. The software is being developed by Kirill Gavrilov and is available for free for non-commercial use. It uses OpenGL for the 3D visualization, but it also has support for 3D Vision as well as a lot of other stereoscopic 3D hardware such as: different anaglyph glasses, dual or mirror displays, row or column interlaced monitors, DLP checkerboard pattern, the iZ3D monitor, generic shutter glasses, and even the Vuzix VR920 HMD. Something that you may also like is the presence of the player menu even in full screen mode, especially useful when using with 3D Vision as this mode requires you to be in full screen. For example even the latest Stereoscopic Player and the 3D Vision Player still donâ??t have control menu available when you are in full screen mode. And having the ability to skip forward or return back is something that is often needed as a feature. But in the sView player you also get other options available in full screen mode, they of course hide automatically when not needed, but as soon as you move the mouse they reappear. For viewing stereoscopic 3D photos you need to run a separate executable, but the functionality it offers is pretty similar, it is just limited to viewing photos, and the photo player also supports viewing with 3D Vision.

- To download and try the sView Stereoscopic 3D Multimedia Playerâ?¦ (http://www.sview.ru/en/download)

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