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03-23-11, 04:40 AM
http://3dvision-blog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/sapphire-active-displayport-to-dvi-adapter-690x759.jpg (http://3dvision-blog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/sapphire-active-displayport-to-dvi-adapter.jpg)

Here is an interesting find that I??ve stumbled upon today, an Active DisplayPort to DVI adapter from Sapphire. The interesting thing here is that the adapter is Active, but does not have an additional USB power cable, but if you are paying enough attention you should note that this adapter is providing just a Single Link DVI output. The adapter is originally intended to be used with AMD/ATI video cards fro providing video connection to more common monitors that are not using DisplayPort if you want to built a multi-monitor configuration based on AMD??s EyeFinity technology. This adapter however is not something that will work with a 3D Full HD monitor if your desktop or laptop has only DisplayPort output with the reason being that the output is not the Dual-Link DVI that is required to be able to push 1920?1080 video at 120Hz to the monitor. So you should be paying attention when choosing a DisplayPort to DVI adapter for use with a 3D monitor, you should look for an Active DisplayPort or mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI adapter in order to make things work with high-resolution stereo 3D?

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