View Full Version : Solaris 11 rel 151a and Quadro nvs 295

03-25-11, 10:47 AM
I unccessfully tried to install this card (quadro nvs 295) into my SUN X4150 server :(.
Card is detected correctly, but system crashes and reboots before X is up.
Tried all recent driver versions, including the system's and the one delivered with the card's CD. No success so far.
The server required an 8-lane PCIe (X1) and low power, so this would be a perfect match for 2D. At powerup, the VGA bios is working fine.
Reports and compatibility list showed support for the Quadro nvs 280 series, so I gave it a trial.

The motherboard's AST2000 needed a setting in xorg.conf to address the right PCI slot code.
The same was true to set the nvidia card as primary display.
Currently, I must still use the AST2000 for system maintenance and minimum graphics.

What can I do?
Alternate settings or drivers to check out?
Any help or hint is welcome!