View Full Version : Watching Too Much Stereoscopic 3D Video Will Make You Blind!

04-01-11, 02:40 PM

Scientist from the NAFD University have done some extensive research and have proven without a doubt that ‚??watching too much stereoscopic 3D video will make you blind‚??! Now the big question is how much is exactly ‚??too much‚?? and this, according to leading ophthalmologists participating in the study are claiming that more than 1 hour a day is the too much limit. And watching stereo 3D content for more than 1 hour a day, everyday for a period of 30 days will reduce your vision two times and if you continue abusing your eyes with 3D content for one year like that you will most definitely get blind. But there are even more side effects attached, not only you will get blind, but it also impotent, demented and multiple other not so pleasant things regarding your own health. So be careful as this is affecting not only small children, but also grownup adults‚?¶ we finally have the proof that stereo 3D is actually bad for your eyes. Now the only thing left is for the industry to start recalling back all 3D-capable products. You can find a link to the detailed report paper below.

- Download the stereoscopic 3D report paper published by the NAFD University‚?¶ (http://bit.ly/guK7Qq)

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