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04-02-11, 08:53 AM
Hey all,

All right, so I really like my system...it's fast and does everything I need it to. However, I'm feeling the upgrade bug, and since I have recently sold all of my math books (done with the degree! win!), I have quite a bit of amazon credit (about $700).

Is there anything worthwhile I can do with my system for about $700, or should I just hang on to the money for the future?

Possible ideas:

1. 3D Vision...monitor + glasses for $500
2. Core i7 970 + LGA 1366 mobo for about $800
3. Dual GTX 570s for about $700.
4. Third GTX 470 + New PSU for about $400

Are any of these paths justified? Or should I just keep this money and use it towards just a badass new system in a few years?

04-02-11, 11:52 AM
Hi ur setup is very very enough u need just i thing SSD ok comrade and i tell u good one :
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227578 :captnkill: :captnkill: :captnkill::captnkill::captnkill:

04-02-11, 01:35 PM
For SNB-E or BD?

04-02-11, 01:36 PM
2,3, and 4 are all not worth it, IMO.
1 is the only thing that is worth it right now, but then again, I'd say hold. Wait till SNB-E.


04-02-11, 03:07 PM
OCZ Vertex 3 when it comes out in a couple of weeks.