View Full Version : best det. for gf3?

08-08-03, 04:47 AM
i'm seeking the best det. for a gf3ti200.
I don't need the last bit of fps but it should be working in the most common games , for a more casual user who don't update driver often.

There are so many det. beta releases and i totally lost the overview.

help is very much appreciated.


08-08-03, 06:42 AM
New drivers aren't going to get you much. I would start with any current release, and try other sets if you experience any problems. Anything 28.90 or higher should yield the best performance of your gf3.

Some people have experienced problems with newer drivers, others have not. So you will really just have to try the latest drivers, see if you have any problems with them, and if you do, work your way backwards. There is always the off chance that newer drivers(40 series) provide better performance in newer games.