View Full Version : Next Generation Xeon info!

04-13-11, 09:01 AM
So I've been digging through the IDF 2011 materials, and here's the latest info on the roadmap for Xeon CPUs.

For 1S, there will basically be the existing LGA 1155 chips.

For 2S ("Efficient Performance 2S"), there will be the Sandy Bridge EP CPU which will feature up to 8 cores/16 threads. Chips will use QPI and the Patsburg chipset.

Then there's the 4S ("Expandable 4S and above") which includes our dear Westmere EX at the very top, and sandwiched in between Westmere EX and Sandy Bridge EP, we've got a confirmed Sandy Bridge EX, which will also use the Patsburg chipset and will presumably scale to 4 sockets. No word on core count (only given for SNB-EP).

Seems as though the rumors of an LGA 1356 were probably false.