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08-08-03, 04:54 PM
i download the conflict desert storm 2 demo from adrenaline vault website...and then installed it but when i go to launch game, the game wont start at all.??? has anyone got the demo working?
www.3dgamers.com also has the demo download but i dont think the links will allow you to even download it for some reason. im thinijng there was a problem with the demo they released and maybe they pulled it.

08-10-03, 12:03 AM
I was able to get it running. Its pretty cool and worth atleast a try. I might buy it I just love calling in air strikes.:) BTW try getting it from file shack you might have to wait but its a fast download.

08-10-03, 12:40 PM
well it works fine on my other computer but on this one right after i click on "ok" to launch game...screen turns to black screen and game never starts...anyone got any clues what may be problem?
i have uninstalled and reinstalled video drivers to see if that helps..no luck..i have disabled refresh force tool and tried original montor refresh rates...no luck..i even tried rolling back before direct x 9.0b and that didnt work either...game just doesnt want to launch as i said above. the screen just turns black and game never starts...can anyone firgure this nightmare out for me?
i am almost tempted to do a complete reinstall on winxp, but that would take a lot of time to reinstall all my other stuff.
playing the demo on my other pc is ok, but this pc has a lot better speed and graphics, that i why i wish to get it running on here if i possible can. when a game does not launch and screen goes black what does that usually mean? isnt it a problem with video drivers or something? all my other games work fine and i even reinstalled conflict desert storm original and that works fine too.


08-10-03, 11:15 PM
well dont ask me how but i finally got it working...my next question is : is there any way to save your point within the game (like using a f6/f7/f8/f9 keys) so you dont have to restart the mission from the begining again after you have all been killed and mission fails?

08-11-03, 08:13 AM
i didnt like it .. espically the controls

08-11-03, 09:02 PM
yes the controls are difficult,but it is best to re set them to easier keys that can be remembered. once you memoriize the controls,which does take a while, the game can be very fun. also you may want to adjust the mouse horizontal and vertical speeds just a little bit higher than default.

try these keys:forward=W (use middle finger)

BACKWARD= LEFT SHIFT(use little finger)
rotate= i leave blank, and dont use it that control
strafe left=A (using ring finger)
strafe right=D (using index finger)
walk= S
stand kneel prone= SPACE
fire weapon= LEFT MOUSE BUTTON
action= R
headcam toggle= RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON
important keys to change:
open inventory =E
transfer weapon/ammo =E+T
tansfer ammo/item= E+Y
order menu=ALT
next soldier= ALT+W/previous soldier = ALT+S/ advance = ALT+A/ the important one is group follow/group halt which is ALT+D to follow and then ALT+ D again to make them all halt/stop.
what i do is use alt+d to have them follow me at first, then i choose each soldier individually( using numbers 1-4) and move each guy to where i want him. sometime ill take one other guy only with me for back, and then when i get to a clear/non hostile area that is safe i call the other 3 teams mates to that area and do same thing over again.
move them all at first, then move each soldier toi where you want him.
dont forget to go into mouse setting's(within options of the game) and move horizontal/vertical adjustment bar's slightly up from default spot's. the horizontal is the most important one to move up,the vertical i just move it up a little bit.

08-12-03, 11:12 AM
Does it have COOP multiplayer?

Does the first one?

I know the x-box version does.

08-12-03, 10:05 PM
yes it does have co-op multiplayer. i just finished the demo..it was fun, but sad thing is...once game is released, it only has 10 missions in all and i just did one ,so price better be low enough to want to buy it.... only to complete nine more missions.
this is not one of the best games in the world but,controlling all 4 guys makes the game interesting and last a little longer than if only in control of one guy. they shoulda made about 20 missions though. some advice on playing the demo: towards the end..watch out for the last tank, it is a bitch! (if you dont see it coming)
the fist conflict desert storm game was also fun, you can find it for $20.00 now at EB GAME'S (electronic boutique)
they said release date for desrt 2 is september 2003, but eb games says it wont be released till october 10th,2003.