View Full Version : Razer BlackWidow Ultimate......anyone have one?

04-16-11, 11:28 PM
Does anyone have BlackWidow Ultimate?

I'm thinking about replacing my Logitech G510 with Razer BlackWidow Ultimate.

Logitech driver team is pathetic, current version of their keyboard software crashes(only on 64bit windows) all the time, and since early December hasn't managed to release a driver update,

LCD on the G510 is tiny and useless, no point even having this on keyboard.

04-16-11, 11:57 PM
hey dude i just recently go it. went from a g15 to this.

i do miss the media functions on the g15, but the keyboard it self is solid! i love it.

the keystrokes as you type feels so good

one drawback was that on the g15 it came with a hand rest addon, and i've gotten used to it for ages...so when i moved into the razer blackwidow ultimate it felt really tiny/awkward, but lucky the g15 hand rest fits in the blackwidow.

takes a bit to get used to, but i love it.

04-17-11, 11:48 AM
I've had my BWU for about a month now and love it. Great feel, great feedback and feels like quality. I also replaced my G15 rev1 with it. My only reason was that the G15 keys were not bright enough. The only thing I could see on the kb was the reflection from my monitor. It was fine when I had the 2405WFP as my main monitor though.

I also miss the LCD screen some but it's not a big deal since I just use Everest to display that same info on another monitor now.

04-17-11, 06:01 PM
Had one since release. Great keyboard. As to be expected, it is loud like a typewriter, but the feel of the keyboard is amazing. You know for a fact that when it clicks, it has accepted your input unlike other keyboards where you may not know for sure if you are typing really fast and tap a key lightly. You can also control the intensity of the LED lights or turn them off completely.

Great keyboard and great software.