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08-08-03, 11:22 PM
a few weeks ago i noticed graphics corruption in games... i was gonna rma, but the problem seemed to have stopped... now i see a different problem.

i get graphics corruption everywhere, dos mode, windows... i see yellow bars, sometimes gibberish on the screen, my monitor turns on and off etc. its gotten really bad now, and i cannot even do anything.

the funny thing is this, if i ever so slighty jiggle the card around.. and i mean slightly, the lines dissapear, then reappear... while the system is on. if i hold the card in a certain position, they go away. could it be my card??? i know its not my motherboard.. its the 2nd one ive had, and i get the same problems.

im guessing something is not making a good connection... anyone seen anything like this???

08-08-03, 11:30 PM
If you are o`c your card or any part of your computer.. well
i guess that would be the first place to look at.

I remember having almost the same prob with a voodoo 3 card, i fried it! one more victim of oc.

08-09-03, 12:14 AM
The only time I got something to that effect is when I OC'd my Asus P5a too high. If I even tried to OC my videocard it would do that freaky crap. I think the AGP was running at 86Mhz...lmao, they didn't have a AGP/PCI bus lock on that board but atleast my AMD 500Mhz K6-2 was running at 545Mhz..lol. :D

If you can move the videocard a bit and get a better picture as a result, your right... something isn't allow full contact. Too much weight on the AGP slot or a warped PCB could be it from heating and cooling with normal usage. Not sure if you have that HSF on the back side of that 5800 still, but I wouldn't put it past it having an adverse effect since there is alot of weight for that card to begin with.

Hope that isn't the problem bud, it would be a shame. :(



08-09-03, 01:15 AM
Sounds like the pins in your AGP port are bent (sometimes happens from inserting/removing vidcard too often).

Try testing the vidcard in another motherboard. If it's ok in another m/b, then try RMA your m/b.


08-09-03, 01:52 AM
ok.. its the video card, i stuck it in my sis 648 mobo, and... same problem sucks im gonna be without a viddy card for 2 weeks now:( but who knows.. maybe evga will send me a 5900 ultra:D :D :D