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04-20-11, 06:00 AM
Intel launched a pair of "special" processors for the LGA 1156 platform; the Core i5 655K and the Core i7 875K. Those processors were supposed to bring better overclocks without any limits. However, many of us already expected this to be part of a new methodology, in which Intel would end shipping those processors and limiting all non-K processors to their stock frequencies.

This happened with Sandy Bridge. The thing is that you can't overclock any non-K processor way beyond its default frequency anymore. Non-unlocked processors are stuck to Base Clock (BCLK) overclocking, which happens to be so poor with this new platform that it won't give you more than 100-200 extra MHz before reaching the limit.

Intel also got platforms separated as the P67 platforms represents a mid-high segment and the H67 platform represents a segment where the user wants to take advantage of the integrated graphics unit in their CPU. H67 platforms can't overclock with non-unlocked processors, but even worst, they won't let you OC your unlocked processor either. So again you're stuck to BCLK (if any) overclocking, but in exchange, they'll let you overclock your iGPU to some decent levels.

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