View Full Version : Hi, it's me....I'm back! What are the best 98se dets for a GF4 right now?

08-09-03, 10:28 AM
I got a GF4 ti4200 for this week to play with, what are the current best 98se drivers for it?

Thanks in advance, it's been a while since I played on the nVidia side of the fence so any help is appreciated. :)

08-09-03, 08:10 PM
do a search... :)

08-09-03, 08:16 PM
Originally posted by GravY
do a search... :)
Thank you SO much for that helpful and informative answer. :rolleyes:

Does anyone have any real help they can supply? :(

08-09-03, 08:29 PM
Trial and error. Head over to ********* and start a-downloading.