View Full Version : CPU Multiplier auto picking 100.3 not 100

04-30-11, 05:06 PM
My P8P67 Deluxe is auto detecting my CPU multiplier as 100.3mhz, is this ok? or should I manually set it to 100mhz. My system is stock. I haven't noticed any issues yet but wondering why it would pick 100.3 and if I should go with setting it manually to 100.

Thanks in advance for any help given!

04-30-11, 05:14 PM
Unless you're looking to oc I'd leave it at that auto settings.

CPU frequencies change on the fly now days, thanks to speed step and turbo. It'll automatically clock down when idle to conserve power consumption, and ramp up clocks speeds when under load to help improve performance.

Though 100.3 is an odd number it's likely fine. I'd not mess with it unless you notice any stability issues. :)

04-30-11, 05:15 PM
The 100.3 is probably caused by spread spectrum.


04-30-11, 06:22 PM
Ok cool, cheers guys I will leave. No I am not overclocking at all, I did buy the 2600k with the intentions of overclocking it but with all the hard freezing stability issues I had with my non B3 board all I want is a stable system (as you probably know i RMA'd my non B3 board, and so far so good I haven't had another freeze with my new board). Anyways I won't be overclocking it, I would have to buy a better cooler to OC anyway and to be honest I just can't be stuffed messing around with it, I would rather sink the money of an after market cooler into a SSD or another GTX580 which would make an even bigger difference to my gaming performance.

05-29-11, 07:50 AM
Yeah 100.3MHz is fine, intel underclock their 99.8MHz you have around 5% way from intels spec so is fine.