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05-01-11, 02:44 AM
I got sick of seeing all the fun sLaWter was having with his surround setup and wanted to try it out for myself.

I decided on the HP ZR24w 24" S-IPS 1920x1200 screens. From what I have read, they have very low response time for an IPS panel and almost zero input lag.

I initially wanted to go 3D surround, but wasn't to keen on the 1080 aspect. It seem a bit to squashed to me with 3 screens. It would have been cheaper though.



Will post some in game pics soon and thoughts.

05-01-11, 03:03 AM
Nice! :)

05-01-11, 03:12 AM
Nice! :)

Colours are so nice with these. I had no idea how much nice an IPS screen was.

I'm loving Bad Company 2 with these. People will have a hard time trying to knife me from the side, that's for sure. I'm getting a constant mid sixties in the frames department running at 6040x1200 with the Nvidia bezel correction. That's everything ingame maxed and AA at 4x msaa.



05-01-11, 05:27 AM
Awesome man! :D Enjoy it!

That's why I always recommend IPS displays ;) BC2 is amazing in Surround!
How was it to come from a 120Hz screen to there high quality panels?

Now it's time for me to test 120Hz and 3D. The stuff is all underway, luckily it was a lot cheaper than your "test" ;)

I'm still getting used to it. You can notice a difference when it comes to the 60Hz versus the 120Hz. But all the added screen footage makes up for it. I must say that my timing is off for some reason in BC2. More practice will fix that. I am loving the surround though. Awesome, same goes for the desktop. :D

I would love to get your impressions of the 3D. To me games like Metro 2033 and Stalker looked awesome. You do have to play around with some of the settings, but the difference is huge IMO.

05-01-11, 11:07 AM
Complete awesomeness!

bob saget
05-01-11, 11:28 AM
so so awesome....jealous...

05-02-11, 01:43 AM
so so awesome....jealous...

Complete awesomeness!

Thanks guys.

Interesting. So it's quite a change then. I'm sure you'll find your timing soon again once you're used to the new setup. Unless all those nice colors are suddenly distracting you ;)

I'll post some feedback about 3D and the LG display for sure once I've tested it a bit. If I like the 3D stuff, I'll keep the display packed away and get it out for every new 3D Ready game I'll buy :p

The colors are awesome. I certainly love these panels. :) As i'm sure once my eyes get used to all this screen space, my online competitive gaming will improve.