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08-09-03, 07:22 PM
i have downloaded conflict desert storm 2 demo (yes 2 not the original version), from the adreneline vault web site and www.3dgamers.com and then installed it and everytime i try to launch game it brings up the settings window and i click ok but THEN THE GAME NEVER START'S.
can someone please download this demo and install it and tell me/reply back here to me if they got the game demo to work or not? my system is plenty powerful to play the game and all, but what i think has happened is that they released a bad/non playable demo. i just need a few other people to download it and see if it works on their computer, or if it is just me.
this has been driving me insane for the past few days. the demo was just released a few days ago. you can find the download links at either of the above 2 web pages.
it is not the best game in the world but i played the whole original desert storm and just want to try part 2.
also someone said there is a dvd with this demo on it that come';s with the september issue of pcgamer magazine...have any of you seen this? can anyone confirm this? im going to my local magazine store tommorrow to see if i can find the pc gamer magazine and try the dvd demo, if there is one, with the demo on it and see if that work's.

08-09-03, 07:51 PM
Why did you post this again? Your first thread is just a few lines down....

Sorry about your problem, but if no one has the demo or a solution, it doesnt do any good to double post.