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08-10-03, 09:58 AM
Hi all,ive recently upgraded my motherboard prosessor and memory and since doing so i find that i cannot play games...the pc just freezes and i get a continuous beep from the bios beeper thingy(dead technical i know),i used to get a simerlar problem with my old setup but usually with the latest games,its happening now with Soldier Of Fortune 2 and i never had a problem with that before.I have the latest drivers for the card,im running DX9,i have all the latest patches for the games....so now im at a loss and im begining to think that there maybe a setting that isnt set right,the spec for my pc is below...please help...im going mad!!!

AMD 2600+
1Gb Ram 333
MSI K7N2 Mainboard
GForce 3Ti200 128Mb

Thanks in advance for any help.:D

PS Im considering updating my graphic to the MSI FX5600, is this wise or am i better off sticking with the card i have?

08-10-03, 11:18 AM
And damn message board logged me out and I lost everything :(
So, to repost everything in short:

1) Check memory, cpu heatsink. K7N2 does not like some memory

2) If not those, may be bios/driver setting

3) A GFFX 5600 will only be upgrade if you buy the new flip chip Ultra version.

(GFFX 5600 and GF3 Ti500 which a GF3 Ti200 can oc to both have same bandwidth at 8 gigs, new flip chip 5600 ultra has 12.5 gigs)

Hope this helps a little. I have similar setup to you with GF3 Ti200 and it rocks :dance:

Good luck. Post back how things go. Also read threads in msi forum at amb.com. Here is link:


08-11-03, 11:07 AM
Thanks for the advice Kev1,im going to be checking a few things tonight,such as the fan on my processor and my power supply unit,the psu maybe the main culprit here as it is only 300w,so hopefully i will have more info for you later....the link to the msi forum was really useful...thanks for your help mate:D

08-11-03, 07:27 PM
If its generic 300w your right it might be a bit low. Post back how things go. Good luck :)