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05-12-11, 12:21 PM
Ok here's the rub, World of Tanks!

Inpressive, as an old skool kinda guy who likes the odd touch of realism & the fact there's sweet fa coming out that's worth a look until BF3, i decided to check out World of tanks.

I only play multiplayer games period, proud to say i've never completed a singleplayer game in 15 years :)

I have a group of buddy's, around 5 that are still playin since the heady days of Quake original & my personal favorite Rogue Spear.

We just to screw around in different games that we all like, Arma2,BFBC2,Swat 4 n stuff, we're not hardcore nutters.

A buddy got WOT, took a look & now we play nothing else (nearly), just wanted to say if you like tanks, teamwork, battlefield games & a touch of realism it's a lot of laughs.


Apologies if there's another thread on this, too old to search. :cool:

Anyhow, enough with the memories.

05-12-11, 08:36 PM
My clan loves this game, practically everyone plays it. I must admit it is quite addictive.