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05-15-11, 09:06 AM

I can (finally) make my first big (as in more-than-200-euros) purchase in the next 45 days, and... I've decided to keep myself in the PC realm, with a Core i5 2500, but I need some advice on the case. I still have the same Rasurbo I bought (the BC-12, which I'm gonna show you now):

[perspective view]

[side view]

Now onto the general specs. It's (basically) a 80/92mm profile case (fan-wise), with (possibly) 3x92mm on the side grid (maybe 2, still have to 'play' a bit with the case), 1x92mm in the rear port (as an exhaust), 1x92mm (internally) at the hard drive level (minimal ammount of air, as it will be coming from two small gaps in the front panel) and 1x120mm (using a front bay cooler, which I'm gonna use).

So I've opted to use 92mm fans (from Scythe, in this case, I have experience with them and they perform remarkably well) plus a 120mm one (at the expense of using the 3 last 5.25" bays, a Scythe Kama Bay Plus) to provide some extra air (around 24CFM, if the specs are to be believed, which I don't really find a reason not to).

This said... I need to know if this configuration will provide me with stable operation, taking into account I'm not going to use overclocking (like I said for my previous machine, I'm against it) and the list of components is the following (part by part, not getting them all at once, can't afford it):

Core i5 2500
Gainward GTX 560 Ti Phantom (2GB Model)
Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional
Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1300
2 Hard Disks (1TB Caviar Black + 500GB Caviar Blue)

In this case, I'm not posting the component list for recreational purposes, but for thermal purposes. My idea (honestly) is to use the stock cooler and I would like to know if that airflow scheme is adequate for normal operation without having to worry about my components getting burned by overheating. If it's the case, can you recommend me a good vertical cooler? (I don't think the front bay cooler is enough to act as a direct cooler, but I may be wrong, if so... feel free to correct me) I don't want to use a tower cooler because of the aforementioned reason between parenthesis and I don't want to spend more than.. 40 euros in a third-party cooler, so...

Opinions? :p

05-15-11, 11:57 AM
Looks fine to me. All your components are rather low heat output.