View Full Version : getting white pixels in graphics during gameplay....

08-10-03, 06:31 PM
i also get sometimes funny looking characters with spikes like drawn out from there skin.....

i havent overclocked or anything..... just used simple tweaking tools like tweak xp and so on....that shouldnt be the problem should it?

it could be a overheated card maybe...but in case temp. is around 30 degrees...its ok isnt it?

i think maybe its an driverissue? or Dx issue? Cause my card is an GF4 ti-4200 128 mb 8x and doesnt support 9.0b though i use it and the latest detonatordriver.....

But ive used that for a long time and this started only last week!

another thing is that in other games i cant see anything wrong at all? WEIRD

thank you fro help


08-10-03, 06:40 PM
Sounds like artifacts, you get them when your memory gets hot what sort of case cooling you got. Corrupt textures can mean hot core or memory, snow white dots means your memoy is hot.

Try new drivers but i don't think it's a drivers or DX but anyway try some new drivers from http://download.guru3d.com/pafiledb.php?action=category&id=10

08-10-03, 06:53 PM
....if i go to display and put down hardware acceleration....to calm the card down....the white pixels should dissapear?

i could do this just to see if that really is the problem then?


08-10-03, 07:00 PM
I agree, sounds definitely like a heat problem. Have you checked the card for dust, etc., buildup? If you have not cleaned out you case in a long time, now might be the time. Might put a fan just blowing on the card for at least the hot weather months. IMO its always best to try to keep case temps under 30C.

08-11-03, 12:27 AM
I call them Sparkles.
I only see them when I clock my "core" to high.

U can see them on Dawn and Nature on 3DM03. "water"

So u must have a heat problem.
Make sure your heatsink is not just hanging on.

08-11-03, 04:26 AM
what do you mean "heatsink not just hanging on?"

i havent overclocked anything thats the weird thing....

with "core" do you mean computers core or cards core?

Thank you Andy