View Full Version : nvoglnt.dll 44.03 MOHAA issue... AARGH!!

08-10-03, 08:57 PM
AppName: mohaa.exe AppVer: ModName: nvoglnt.dll
ModVer: Offset: 0019b241

... hard crash straight off of usually steady low ping (60-78) online matches... EVERY TIME!!! ...

Is this a common problem with OGL and 44.03?

It happens at plenty of settings, with varying degrees of AF/AA... usually I been runnin the quality slider in the middle...

I'm gonna try a different set of detonators, but this is the 1st OperGL problem I've had in a LONG time...

08-11-03, 06:53 PM
everything works on mine just fine....stupid MOHAA keeps resetting to low detail because it probably doesn't recognize my 3.0 Ghz processor...oh well, that game sucks now anyways. Call of Duty is the ****!!