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05-31-11, 06:50 AM
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05-31-11, 09:21 AM
Activision's plans for a new subscription component for Call of Duty games, dubbed Call of Duty Elite, have leaked online ahead of the official embargo.

Call of Duty Elite will, according to the Wall Street Journal, launch alongside Modern Warfare 3 in November this year.

Elite offers players a number of analysis tools, as well as extra content and downloadable map packs in return for a monthly subscription. Tools include level maps, stat-tracking, player-searching tools and the ability to create clans and groups.

The cost of the subscription has yet to be determined, but Activision was keen to stress that players will not need to pay to play Call of Duty's standard multiplayer. Payment is only required for the Elite toolset.

More information will become available when the embargo lifts later today, but until then let us know your thoughts in the forums and check out the Modern Warfare 3 trailer below. More videos are available in the trailers section.

I never bought a COD map pack. Now I definitely never will since I won't pay for this service...

05-31-11, 10:08 AM
before I cast judement I want to see how this plays out first, this might be a good thing if the perks are there and consistantly added with that monthly fee...

05-31-11, 10:45 AM
Eh... If you're already paying $60 for a game now you're going to be paying a maintenance fee on top of that...

The way I see it they will just have less maps released with the game that way there is "added value" to their subscription. Once again it basically just separates the market and makes it harder to actually play the game. It's hard enough already to get all of your friends to shell out $60 so you can play together, now on top of that everyone would need to have a subscription if you actually wanted to use the bonus content.

05-31-11, 11:29 AM
I won't pay $60.00 and I will not pay for a subscription. They go to hell. But of course there will be many brain dead's out there there that will pay for it. If pc gamers stuck together none of this **** would ever happen.

05-31-11, 06:28 PM
COD is super desperate now aren't they, they need the crazy money coming in like they would normally, watch this crap tank. BF:BC is leaps and bounds better then BO by far, I can't believe people didn't sock it to the creators after they pushed back COD by releasing BO, it was on an older engine wasn't it, then MW2? It certainly looked worse, and gameplay was meh at best. I will not pay for crap that people produce and call it a product. It better entertain the crap OUT of me, not give me more of it.

I hope BF3 blows the doors down on BO2 or whatever the next COD is gonna be, and I hope BF steals all the money from those stupid money grubbing producers. I could give the russians that hacked up GTA IV and made it a billion times better game, the software for the next COD, and it would look and play better then most of the shooters out there including any of the COD's.

This is the time when developers are getting away with lazy crap, and us people are letting them do it by buying their crap. Don't let them do this, stop buying products that are obviously only attempts at getting money nothing more or less.