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08-11-03, 11:56 AM
I really want to get a new card before school because my gf2 gts is really holding my comp back... I was wondering if i just spent the cash now on like a reg 5800 or a 5900 even if it would be able to handle games like doom 3 when they came out.... or if i would be better of buying a non fc 5600 ultra for around 130 and just wait on the other cards.

I'm on a college budget but could splurge

specs= gf2 gts 64mb, epox 8rda+, 2500+ barton, 512 pc2700

Dark Jedi
08-11-03, 01:47 PM
A 5600 Ultra could be a good choice, or even a Radeon 9600Pro if you're willing to go Ati. But for Nvidia, 5600 Ultra should perform well in your system (similar spec to mine), and you can save the money for when the next line of cards arrive.

08-11-03, 01:47 PM
I agree with you that your card is holding your system back. But I would say being that you have held on to it so long to give it another month until prices tumble like fat man on the sidewalk and get a 9800 pro or 5900, which are sure to last you as long as your gf2 has. Hell I am holding out until the prices of there 256 versions fall below 380 atleast.:D

08-11-03, 06:11 PM
powercolor sapphire 9600p since u are on a budget.

08-11-03, 06:20 PM
Originally posted by sobin
but could splurge

ummm... yeah... if you can, DO IT!! :)

Go all out! Get a card that may outlast the rest of your setup!

Unless you do have a price ceiling...


08-11-03, 07:44 PM
i just want to know if its in my best interest to splurge right now. Like if i do will the card be able to handle doom 3??

08-11-03, 07:55 PM
wait for the 6000 FX, if that sucks too then go with ATI. Nvidia is all talk and no action.