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06-05-11, 10:41 PM
AT&T is Windows Phone 7 biggest customer in the US admitted Windows Phone 7 are not sell very well. Since the launch Windows phone US marketshare declined every quarters with 9.7% Q4 2010, 8.0% Q1 2011 and 6.7% Q2 2011, in Q3 probably will see under 5% so it never gained marketshare as Microsoft had hoped with revamped Windows Phone UI.


No matter how often and how hard Microsoft changed the phone UI to matched Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8 Metro UI styles with Pocket PC 2000, Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6 and now Windows Phone 7 to make it sell. Windows Phones marketshare alway been declined every quarters since 2004 when Symbian were number 1, Apple and Google dont have iphone and Android phones at the time.

It a surprised that BADA OS by Samsung sold more phones than Windows Phone 7 in Q1 2011 and it is interesting that BADA had only around 3000 apps available compared to Windows Phone 7's 10,000 apps by end Q1 2011. It was announced Windows Phone 7 smashed through 20,000 apps by end May 2011 and close catch up with Blackberry 24,000 total apps but Windows Phone have a very long way to go to catch up with Apple's 500,000 iphone and ipad apps. Android now have over 380,000 apps and could approach 400,000 apps milestone anytime soon, once Google release Ice Cream Sandwich with both smartphone and tablet codebase merged into one single codebase fragment, Android could easy surpassed Apple's total apps by end of 2011.

06-06-11, 10:39 AM
pft I could have told you that. The issue is not the devices or the OS rather its the history of the OS. So many people got burned by the pre Windows Phone 7 that just hearing Windows Phone makes people not want it. They should have changed the name... Maybe The Microsoft Phone.

06-06-11, 11:56 AM
I think MS has a good looking phone OS but it's just so late to the party. Where are the 3rd party apps? That's where it comes down to IMO.