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06-06-11, 10:50 AM
Alright, I am thinking about splurging and getting the best 30 inch monitor I can get for under two grand. I have heard volumes about the HP ZR30w and new Dell 3011 models. Are those two the best in this price range? Is there a darkhorse that I need to look into. I heard NEC has a fabulous new 30 inch monitor, but I am unsure of price although I heard it is around 2000 plus. Give a guy some insight :D. Thanks for the listen. Peace.

06-06-11, 01:12 PM
I'd get the Dell U3011, currently for 1299$ (Was 1199$ sometime ago). But both monitors are very good.
I have two Samsung 305T, and one is dying on me. I might buy 2 U3011 or maybe three U2711 in portrait..

06-06-11, 02:58 PM
For PC/Mac only usage, the HP is the better choice because it doesn't use an image scaler.

But if you want to connect other, lower res sources, get the Dell.

True, Image scaler = input lag, and to be honest, any OSD is pretty much useless.
Dunno if the bezel is slimmer on the DELL (for multiple display setups).

06-06-11, 07:23 PM
Hey, thanks for pointing out the scaler. I am using it to hook up a PC. I want to game at 2500 rez. So I am assuming that the lag is much better on the HP monitor then? Thanks for the info. BTW...are these the only two players around. I checked Planar but they max out at 27 inches. Thanks again guys. Viva Nadal and the Heat :D

06-06-11, 08:21 PM
I just picked up a Dell u3011 and I really can't say I notice the input lag. It's not enough to actually affect anything unless you stare at it right next to a faster display.

It's on sale right now too (until the 9th) for $1,150 which is 25% off. That's pretty much the whole reason I picked it up when I did.


Honestly I don't notice the input lag but I can't say I really have an eye for it. I like the choices with the input options and definitely think at $1,150 it's one of the better buys for a 30" that you can find with these features.

I do have to say though, with a single GTX 470 I'm really pushing the limits of this card. I just fired up Crysis and Metro 2033 and I had to scale back the settings to play at this resolution. So as always with a larger monitor, keep the performance in mind. I'm planning on doing a full rebuild when Oak Trail comes out though so I'm going to live with it for half a year or so

06-09-11, 03:12 PM
My U3011 forced me to add another GTX580 but no complaints. Love this monitor!

06-09-11, 03:42 PM
My U3011 forced me to add another GTX580 but no complaints. Love this monitor!

Yeh... I'm trying to surpress the need to pick up another 470. I might just wait for a new generation and go with that instead

06-11-11, 11:55 AM
Hey Guys,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I have the Samsung, and its starting to flicker. FML, its under warrenty but I am probably going to add another one while its being repaired. Dont want to get another Samsung if its going to be junk.

06-11-11, 11:09 PM
Found a stuck pixel... red on a black screen. I'm returning it for an exchange... but I still love this monitor

06-12-11, 12:50 AM
Cool deal dude, now get that 470 ordered.

06-12-11, 01:55 AM
I want to upgrade my 3008wfp to a U3011 so bad :(

06-14-11, 07:55 AM
Just throwing it out there.... if you're still on the fence about the Dell it might comfort you to know they have great customer service. They're cross shipping me a new monitor right now because of only a single stuck pixel (red on black).

They're handling it the way I'd expect a company to when you drop $1,200 on a monitor