View Full Version : Missing Temperature Panel?!

08-11-03, 03:25 PM
The temperature panel,previously available for 2 days,suddenly has gone AWOL. I had just recently upgraded from gf3ti200 to a fx5900.

I wonder wether is this due to the fact i had just pulled out the old card and plugged the new one right in without bothering to uinstall the drivers 1st. Using 44.03s btw on Win XP Pro.

I uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled it again but with no avail,temperature panel is still missing.

Does anyone have a clue about this?


08-12-03, 11:02 AM
you need to activate the coolbits registry hack... use google to find it

08-12-03, 01:24 PM
Coolbits was already entered into the registry,but still no temp panel. Thanks anyway.