View Full Version : NVIDIA In A Minute ‚?? E3 2011 Edition

06-10-11, 06:40 PM
NVIDIA was at the E3 2011 expo in L.A. (http://blogs.nvidia.com/2011/06/nvidia-at-e3-2011-day-2-developer-interviews/) this week, powering the hottest desktop gaming titles across the show floor and showing off the latest Tegra-enhanced mobile.

In our demo area, we showed some fantastic games on Tegra 2-powered devices. Among them was the ShadowGun demo, one of the most visually impressive mobile games of all time, made possible by the Unity game engine and Madfinger‚??s dev talent.

We also showed a sneak preview of the amazing next generation content¬*Kal-El based tablets will bring ‚?? including Capcom‚??s¬*fantastic Lost Planet 2 tech demo, when they are released later this year.

Check out the video, starring NVIDIA‚??s own Paul Jastrzebski, for a closer look at some of the latest Tegra-enhanced games.

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