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06-13-11, 10:30 AM
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Bohemia Interactive has announced that Arma 3 will be coming to the PC in the summer of 2012 (http://www.bistudio.com/index.php/english/home/news/projects/224-arma-3-uncovered). I was pretty excited to hear this news along with the news that they will be keeping Arma 3 a PC exclusive title but what even more exciting was the news that Arma 3 will be implemented the PhysX engine (http://www.nvidia.com/object/physx_new.html) for in-game physics. There is not much information yet about the exent to which PhysX will be used but on the website and the announcement it says that PhysX will be used for ‚??Physical Simulation & Improved Animations ‚?? Take advantage of PhysX‚?Ę supported vehicle simulation, in-game interactions and the revamped animation system.‚?? GameSpot‚??s live camera 1 at Bohemia Interactive‚??s booth at E3 2011 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2R8hWxgFMfY) also has some great in-game footage of the game and it shows a test area with PhysX based objects and vehicles interacting with each other. Check out the video below (embedded to start at the physics part) and be sure to keep checking back in here for more information on Arma 3 and the PhysX/Physics news for it.

Bohemia Interactive Arma 3 Announcement (http://www.bistudio.com/index.php/english/home/news/projects/224-arma-3-uncovered):

Prague, Czech Republic 19th May ‚?? Bohemia Interactive, the award-winning independent Czech development studio, is pleased to announce the development of Arma 3, the brand new instalment in its series of critically acclaimed realistic military simulators. Combining over 10 years of experience, building upon the strength of its predecessors, and set in the most detailed environment of the series to date, Arma 3 offers gamers radical engine improvements and a unique sandbox-style military gameplay experience. The next chapter of this stunning military simulation game is scheduled for release exclusively for PC in Summer 2012.

Some of the key features of Arma 3 include:

* Single-Player Campaign ‚?? Evolve from a lone prey into a military commander in the open-ended & story-driven campaign.
* Vehicles & Weapons ‚?? Control a multitude of aircraft, vehicles and ships with accurate simulation; shoot anything from pistols to sophisticated weapon platforms.
* Customizable Soldier Load ‚?? Choose your uniform; assemble your weapon kit; change your load-out; get loaded up.
* Physical Simulation & Improved Animations ‚?? Take advantage of PhysX‚?Ę supported vehicle simulation, in-game interactions and the revamped animation system.
* Rich & Authentic Environment ‚?? Explore an unsurpassed military combat experience set on an authentic Mediterranean island modelled from real geographic data.
* Multiplayer Gameplay ‚?? Experience both cooperative & competitive scenarios with the full support of dedicated servers for both Windows and Linux.
* Completely Extensible & Moddable ‚?? Design & create countless customizable scenarios using the intuitive & easy-to-use mission editor.

E3 2011 ‚?? ARMA 3 (In-game footage, etc.) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2R8hWxgFMfY):

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