View Full Version : Steam gets free-to-play section.

06-15-11, 12:23 AM
Free-to-Play games are available to download for free and can be played without a subscription or a credit card. Your Steam wallet allows you to purchase items and content in-game to customize your game-play.


Has anybody ever played any of the games listed? ... What are they like? Any good?

06-15-11, 04:49 AM
lol I thought this would be like the GamersGate's upcoming free to play games that are supported by ads. Instead it's just crappy free2play games :P

06-15-11, 04:54 AM
nothing interesting. At least yet

bob saget
06-15-11, 03:19 PM
DNF will soon be there :bleh:

06-15-11, 04:35 PM
Imma try AVA,might be fun for a while.

06-15-11, 04:55 PM
Imma try AVA,might be fun for a while.

requirements are way low, is this a source game?

06-15-11, 09:01 PM
I said f it,it logs onto steam then you make an account for iijjii? wtf?

06-15-11, 10:10 PM
Yeah its F2P so you'll need to use their clients' logon program.

Also I've been reading about this and hear it suffers from terrible netcode and its something that has been an issue since the game was in beta.
It seems like the Dev is looking for cash rather than trying to fix the issues the community (on their forums) has been complaining about.


06-16-11, 09:35 AM
I guess that's why she's free.

06-23-11, 09:09 PM
Team Fortress 2 has become Free to Play now.

General Lee
06-23-11, 09:26 PM
Team Fortress 2 has become Free to Play now.

Yep, and there has been a huge update tonight as well, with lot's of new weapons.

I'm not too happy about it being a Free 2 Play game. I paid for it, but that was a long time ago. What bothers me is all the new players, and how the game is going to change because of that.

The game is going to be funded now SOLELY based on in-game store item purchases...which means something will soon change with how items are found. We'll probably find less of them, maybe none at all, forcing people to pay for items in the future that will probably give them an advantage.

I see tragedy for TF2 in the future. :(

06-23-11, 09:36 PM
They said nothing will change. Players that payed get more features. The drops will remain the same.

General Lee
06-24-11, 11:35 PM
The influx of cheaters has already started. I've seen it with my own eyes. New free accounts are being used to cheat on servers.

06-25-11, 09:07 AM
Trackmania Nations Forever is free. Has been forever lol but still isn;t in the free to place section. It is an amazing game.

06-29-11, 06:51 AM
I gave Champions Online: Free for All a try and it's good, I especially love the character customization possibilities, it's just phenomenal, to be completely honest I don't think I've ever seen such a "complete"/complex character customization phase in a game before, there's literally millions of possibilities for unique-looking toons. As for the game-play aspects, it's "decent", it's "good enough", nothing mind-blowing, a typical MMORPG with the usual main plots/comic issues, etc. I've played better games when it comes to the game-play, of course, but really for a free game there's no reasons not to at least give it a try.

There are micro-transaction-based "advantages" though, some buffs, most of which seem to be temporary anyway, some unique character archetypes (which I think is a bad idea, I.E to limit those for paying players, it means that those with a free-to-play Silver account won't experience the whole game-play mechanics offered, I can understand having to pay for buffs or extra vanity items and such, but actual archetypes is a no no for me, but anyway I live with that so far). I also like the graphics, I was pleasantly surprised by the looks of it, it reminds me of Borderlands, but on highest settings it seems to require quite a good computer.