View Full Version : ASUS V9560TD Users Please read

08-12-03, 10:15 AM
Can't find any info on THG or any of my usual reference sources, so I am hoping someone could be nice enough to let me know how good/bad these beasts are? Compared with, say, a 4200, a Radeon 9500 and a Rad 9600

How noisy are they usually?

Any info gratefully received


08-12-03, 05:28 PM
I have the Videostation version.

THG has a review on his 7/2003 buyers guide. Kind of short though.

If you use Asus' Smartdoctor it actively changes fan speed. 2D = no noise. Gaming = same as my RADEON 8500. Not distracting.

I really like the bundle, the only one that is close is MSI's. I like the longer/usable breakout box on the Asus. I don't need a remote.

It overclocks well - artifact free at 370/690.

It seems to be about the same speed as the 4200 8x cards in most apps. 3dmark2001 scores were almost identical (10,800 in each). The AA/AF performance is better but whether the games are playable is debatable - HardOCP benchie program yielded 10*7 max detail scores of 45-75fps with Quincunx and 8XAF.

Dawn runs OK but the new Ultra demos are slideshows.

I think this is a 6 month card - meaning it will need an upgrade in 6 months. The 5900 and 9800 are twice as fast. Here in Canada, I can get a 9800NP for $100CDN more - I am going to try sweet talking the store into an exchange.

I wish the 5900NU were available. I am so tired of ATI's ****. All my boxes are ATI powered and I would estimate that every second game I buy has soem kind of problem.

08-13-03, 03:54 AM
Thanks, Lewdvig, although I still haven't made up my mind. However, whereas I started this thing after seeing the TD version on offer for 112, I now see the Video version for just 8 more, so I think that would be the way to go. On the Asus sight I thought it said the ram was at 700 on that version and 550 on the TD, so have you slowed it down or what?

Gotta agree wid you bout ATI, I had a 128Fury or Rage or Manic whatever it was called and yeah, you know, always trouble with the drivers. Nothing really changes.