View Full Version : Strange mouse problem

06-16-11, 06:10 AM
Hey all

Has anyone ever come across this problem.

I have a Cyborg Rat 5 Mouse for a few months now and just out of the blue the cursor doesnt work when I boot into windows now.

I can change dpi through the buttons I can right click but I cant move the mouse. The only way I can get it working is by plugging another mouse into the PC and using it for a few minutes and then the Rat 5 will start working again.

Now once it starts working it is fine. I can leave my PC on for days and I will still be ok. Its only when I turn off or restart my PC it will happen.

I have updated my drivers and reverted back to the original drivers that came on disc but the problem remains. I have tried plugging and unpluhging the mouse when booted into windows and using different USB ports but doesnt help.

Booting into safemode doesnt help.

anyone have any ideas? or similar issues?