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06-16-11, 10:40 PM
Alice: Madness Returns (http://www.ea.com/alice), highly anticipated sequel to original American McGee‚??s Alice, and first game with GPU PhysX support for this year. As always, we have prepared comparison PhysX video ‚?? for your viewing pleasure.

GPU PhysX content in Alice: Madness Return can be characterized as ‚??Particle Madness‚??. In a good way ‚?? this game contains probably most rich and diverse physically simulated particle effects, of all games with hardware PhysX support. From habitual and universal debris, chunks, smoke and dust (emitted either by player‚??s weapons or enemies) to environmental particles (dynamic leaves, ash, bubles, etc) and place-specific effects.

Physical simulation of goopy oil-like substance, that is spawned when black ‚??Ruin‚?? beings are damaged or killed, requires a special notice. Up to 10 000 SPH fluid particles can be processed simultaneosly.

In addition, two APEX modules¬* ‚?? APEX Destruction (http://physxinfo.com/wiki/APEX_Destruction) and APEX Clothing (http://physxinfo.com/wiki/APEX_Clothing) ‚?? are utilized for some minor effects:

Stone slabs, chessboards and rocks can be smashed to pieces thanks to APEX Destruction module.¬* Scenes, containing such objects are looking simply amazing. Unfortunately, you‚??ll face them only few times for the entire game .

APEX Clothing effects are so subtle, that we even haven‚??t included in the comparison video. Several pieces of simulated cloth and ‚??dynamic‚?? newspapers ‚?? you‚??ll be able to see them all in first 15 minutes of the game walkthrough.

In general, several levels of PhysX support are provided via in-game settings:

PhysX High includes all additional GPU PhysX effects, described and showcased above.

PhysX Medium is less demanding for system resources ‚?? amount of physical particles is lowered, chunks from destructible objects are disappearing faster, SPH Fluid simulation is disabled.

PhysX Low -¬* basic CPU physics, similar for PC and consoles. Interesting note: physically simulated clothing and hair for Alice are not part of hardware PhysX content, and are not affected by PhysX settings.

For additional details we recommend you to familiarize yourself with ‚??Alice: Madness Returns: PhysX Graphics Comparison (http://www.geforce.com/#/News/articles/physx-in-alice-madness-returns)‚?? article at GeForce.com

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