View Full Version : Nvidia Beta 275.50

06-20-11, 08:02 AM
Win7 x64

Win7 x86

Looks like only 3d tweaks really... but for those of us living on the blistering edge... BETA DRIVERS!!!!!!!

06-20-11, 01:17 PM
if you read the download link info, you would also notice that this driver also now supports SLI for AMD 900 series chipsets. This makes me a happy camper since I just bought a 990fx chipset MB. Now for AMD 900 chipsets, they say they support for my mb 2 and 3 way SLI. Does 2 way include 2-way quad sli gtx 590's? If not, then I might add a gtx 580 to the mix and make it 3 way that way.

06-23-11, 04:52 AM
Hi, Nvidia has released the Beta 275.50 driver for Windows XP, Vista and 7. This driver is for GeForce 6 and higher desktop cards. It is identical to the 275.33 WHQL driver, except for enabling SLI on 990FX, 990X and 970 AMD chipset motherboards, and providing 3D Vision performance improvements in Duke Nukem 3D with 3 or 4-way SLI. The driver package also contains the 9.10.0514 PhysX drivers.

06-23-11, 11:03 PM
275.33 are horrible drivers. I took missing SLI profiles from there and put it to older 270.61 and things are working perfect.