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06-24-11, 05:00 PM
Alice: Madness Returns (http://physxinfo.com/data/vreview_alice.html/) ‚?? first game with GPU PhysX support this year and title with most impressive PhysX particle effects.

To determine hardware PhysX performance patterns and GPU requirements we tried to gather all PhysX focused articles and benchmarks, available so far.

[18.06.2011] Alice: Madness Returns GPU test (http://gamegpu.ru/Action-/-FPS-/-TPS/Alice-Madness-Returns-test-GPU.html) by GameGpu.ru

One of the first articles with proper GPU PhysX benchmarks.


According to their test, only top level NVIDIA GPUs can ensure decent framerate, while used for both graphics and PhysX calculations (however, from our experience, only most intensive PhysX scenes are affecting performance so negative).

Benchmarks of dedicated PhysX cards are also included:


As you may see, dependance is non-linear ‚?? from certain point using more powerfull GPU is not resulting in framerate increase.

‚?? We‚??ll update this post as more articles emerge ‚??

More... (http://physxinfo.com/news/5921/alice-madness-returns-physx-benchmarks-roundup/)