View Full Version : BFG 5900 Ultra 256

08-13-03, 12:06 AM
Following this list of specs, does everybody think I have a chance of runnning it okay?

Motherboard is an ASUS A7N8X Rev 2.0
PS is a Sparkle 400W
Case is Thermaltake Xaser II with all those Chassis fans and what not.

I think these would be the main factors in whether or not I might run into any problems after installing it. I'm thinking about purchasing it tomorrow.

Give me your possible woes or concerns that you might see based on my system specs :) I don't want to spend 500$ and then use it as a paper weight, if you get my drift.

Thank you a lot! :)

P.S - I wanted to add something. Do you think BFG is a good choice, bad choice? Or do you think I should buy a MSI or Gainward or other brand?

08-13-03, 01:47 AM
Excellent setup! Should run the FX5900U like a dream. :cool:

I really don't see your concern with the quality of components you have assembled. Looks like its just beggin' for a card to push it.

Did you check out maxpower's review of the BFG on nV News' main page? Also MikeC's review of the FX5900U engineering sample? Compare their components to yours and I think you will see you are in good shape. :D

NF2 rocks!