View Full Version : bulldozer eng sample oc'ed to 4.63 ghz

06-27-11, 06:04 PM
http://www.hardocp.com/news/2011/06/27/bulldozer_engineering_sample_cpu_overclocked_to_46 3ghz

there is a link in the website to the actual article's site.

06-27-11, 06:54 PM
too much redacted info

06-27-11, 06:56 PM
Well i had a feeling AMD's chips would be hitting simlair clocks as Intel, problem is performance per clock.

06-28-11, 08:05 AM
File this one under for what it's worth...

I posted this link in a forum on AMDZone.com. The general consensus is these pics are fake. AMD CPUs have used hypertransport the last couple of years for interconnects; the pics hypertransport info is "interesting" as in not correct and may even be nonexistent as one responder pointed out.