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06-29-11, 07:00 PM
Advanced Micro Devices lost a considerable share of the chip market to Intel in the first quarter, as the latter rebounded easily from a chipset glitch, according to a report today from IHS iSuppli. AMD accounted for 10.1 percent of global microprocessor revenue in the first quarter of this year, falling from the 11.8 percent share during from the same period last year and down from 10.9 percent in the fourth quarter, according to the report.

AMD's loss was pretty much Intel's gain. Intel during the first three months of this year claimed 82.6 percent of global microprocessor revenue, up 2 percentage points from the same period last year and an increase of 1.6 points of share from the fourth quarter, iSuppli said.

During the first quarter, Intel discovered an error in the chipset that accompanies the Sandy Bridge processor. At that time, Intel said it would recall and replace about 8 million chipsets. "While such a major recall would represent a major setback for most companies, for giant Intel, it didn't even cause a scratch," wrote Matthew Wilkins, an analyst at the market research firm, in a note.

Source: CNET News (http://news.cnet.com/8301-13924_3-20075494-64/amd-loses-sizable-market-share-to-intel-in-quarter/)

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